Medical Devices

Coloplast 13860 Alterna Free Single Piece Transparent - 10 Pc

Rs. 1,750

Smith & Nephew Cica-Care Silicone Gel Adhesive Sheet (5 X 6 Inch) - 1 Pack

RS 5,845

San Surgicals Height Measuring Stature Meter (200 Cm/78 Inch) - 1 Pack

RS 1,350

Smith & Nephew Opsite Post-Op Dressing (6.5 Cm X 5 Cm) - 10 Pc

Rs 700

Portex Tracheostomy Tube No(6) - 1 Pack

Rs 825

Netcare Instruments Ophthalmic Synoptophore

Rs 42,000

Dvt Pump

Rs 28,000

Generic Meridian Energy Pen/Tens Acupuncture Pen Therapy Instrument/Electrical Stimulator/Physiotherapy/Chinese Traditional Medicine

Rs 4,627

Sterilization Equipment

Rs 80,000

Yh Medical Devices Ward Nursing Equipments Nursing Home Beds

Rs 7,000

Cryo Handles Cryotherapy Cellulite Weight Loss Fat Freezing Medical Cryogenic Equipments

Rs 2,80,000

Medfurnish Led Four Film X-Ray View Box MDF 586

Rs 8,877

Vittico Double Film With Dimmer LED X-Ray View Box

Rs 3,312

Vittico Single Film With Dimmer LED X-Ray View Box

Rs 3,057

Vittico Triple Film With Dimmer LED X-Ray View Box

Rs 6,752

Medfurnish Led Two Film X-Ray View Box MDF 586

Rs 4,403

Medfurnish Led One Film X-Ray View Box MDF 586

Rs 2,752

Medfurnish Led Three Film X-Ray View Box MDF 586

Rs 6,436

Medfurnish Pro Single Folding M.S. Tubular Pole Canvas Type Stretcher ASI-241

Rs 1,484

Unisurg Four Fold Stretcher

Rs 9,392

Unisurg Two Fold Stretcher MEQP07.02

Rs 7,382

Unisurg Two Fold Type Stretcher MEQP07.02

Rs 7,992

Medfurnish Pro Double Folding M.S. Tubular Stretcher

Rs 1,989

Medfurnish Pro Scoop Stretcher ASI-236

Rs 10,169

Medfurnish Pro Auto Loading Stretcher ASI-234

Rs 39,950

Surgitech Trolley Type Stretcher SI-122


Medfurnish Pro Wheel Chair Stretcher ASI-235

Rs 90,241

Medfurnish Wheel Chair Type Stretcher MDF 530

Rs 17,908

Medfurnish 2 Fold Aluminium Folding Type Stretcher MDF 528

Rs 3,993

Medfurnish Pro Four Folding Stretcher ASI-243

Rs 8,460

Medfurnish Pro Stair Stretcher ASI-237

Rs 15,322

Medfurnish Pro Trolley Stretcher ASI-165

Rs 15,040

Medfurnish Pro Transfer System Trolley Stretcher ASI-164

Rs 22,560

Medfurnish Pro Delux Trolley Stretcher ASI-166

Rs 7,520

Medfurnish Pro Basket Stretcher ASI-240

Rs 50,761