Health Care Devices


Rs. 3,140

Bipap Auto With Bi-Flex Sleep Therapy System

RS 67,000

Mas Philips Nasal True Blue Mask

Rs 4,180

Petreon Concrete Testing Equipment Ultrasonic

Rs 3,260

Sira ECG Electrode

Rs 250

Moritz Bipap System

Rs 4,000

Garmin Cipap Full Face Mask With Gel

Rs 2,990

Jackson Medical Masks

Rs 150

Squad Neck Support Pillow

Rs 950

Chengdu Xinyuan 2L & 4L Small Portable Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 9,500

Promotional 20L /150Bar Steel Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder

Rs 7,890 /8,750 9.8% OFF

Alsafe Portable Mini Aluminum Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 5,870 /6,500 9.7% OFF

Ticare Steel Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 8,700

Minnuo Steel Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 7,000 /7,500 6.7% OFF

Sefic Medical Small Portable Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 5,880 /6,780 13.3% OFF

Tped Approved Sefic Iso9809-1 Ambulance 50 Liter Oxygen Cylinder Medical

Rs 8,780 /9,000 2.4% OFF

Zp Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Rs 8,900 /9,800 9.2% OFF

BiPAP Machine With Humidifier

Rs 42,000

Philips BiPAP Auto With Bi-Flex Sleep Therapy System

Rs 60,000

Breas BIPAP Machine, Usage: Hospital, Personal

Rs 75,000

Resmart BIPAP System

Rs 32,000

Resmart GII BIPAP System

Rs 48,000

Funrally Lens 5X::10X Magnifying Glass (Green Orange)

BPL Portable Ultrasound Scanner [US 9601]

BPL Portable Ultrasound Scanner [US 9701]

Resmed Bipap System

Philips Bipap System

Respro Bipap System

Ultrasound Gel


DMK Magnifying Equipment

Klein Magnifying Equipment

Accor Magnifying Equipment

Ribbel Magnifying Equipment

Ding Magnifying Equipment